Throughout my life and my career, I have grown passionate about various subjects including business development, the petroleum sector and women’s empowerment. During my tenure within the Nigerian Government and my career in the Oil and Gas Industry I have acquired a great deal of understanding and experience.

In this blog I will share ideas and insights, on these topics, I have collected along the way.

– Diezani Alison-Madueke

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  • Pursuing Your Dreams and Shutting Out the Negative Internal Voice

    To “follow your dreams” is an inspirational concept that’s intended to motivate you to consistently work towards what you most desire to do, have, or accomplish in life. Encapsulated in three little words, it sounds quite simple, but in reality, there are many aspects to be considered to ensure you have the best chance of…

  • Making the most of mistakes—and five big ones to avoid when starting a business

    Fear. It’s a powerful, primal emotions; and fear of failure is likely to prey on the mind of every business owner. A certain amount of fear is healthy, as it helps us assess and avoid risk; however, it can also be a huge obstacle to the fulfilment of goals, hopes and dreams. For a new…

  • Technology Trends Shaping Oil and Gas

    The oil and gas industry is faced with a number of pressing challenges, including the existential threat caused by climate change. We take a look at the technologies and trends shaping oil and gas, including artificial intelligence, remote sensing, cloud platforms, and more.

  • Breast cancer awareness – being informed to save a life

    Having access to information about breast cancer prevention and treatment has the potential to save lives and provide people with supportive networks. 

  • Leadership secrets: inner work is the key to developing leadership skills

    Revealing the secret to being a leader, Diezani Alison-Madueke shares her own leadership tips and explains why engaging in leadership development can be rewarding and enriching, both in one’s personal and professional life.

  • The Challenges Women Face in Male Dominated Industries

    For centuries, misconceptions about women and their abilities were prevalent throughout the world. Women had no sense of individuality, entitlement or even a true sense of self. It was truly a man’s world and unfortunately, these notions have maintained their grip on society, refusing to let go. In our ever-changing world, women have fought for…

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